Trails of sparkle 💫

As a Light lover is not unusual to say I am fascinated by every stage and beauty of our light source, the Sun.  Since living in Albania, I had the chance to see some of the most spectacular sunsets of this lifetime, and I hope there are still more to come into my life, not just here, but in many other beautiful gems of our planet.
Sunset lovers 😇 …we find them all over the world. We are all attracted and amazed by sunsets. There is something melancholic and quietly beautiful in the way each day the Sun is saying goodbye to us. We all feel it as our private entrance to the secret realms of the Universe. Lovely memories and happy stories are often related to sunsets.
I get fascinated by all of them.
And yet, I must confess that what I really love and always loved are the Sunrises. While sunsets remind us that endings can and should be beautiful, the rising energy of the Light is showing us that within every ending there is a new beginning. The cycle of life is eternal and we always have a new day coming. Day for choosing Love, choosing different, daring to step into the unknown, and following the call of our Soul.
Fewer are awake during those magical moments of the day, to experience the stillness, the purity, and the grace of the rising Sun. Even fewer are those who can hear the Angelic sounds of a Sunrise, and allow themselves to be fully emerged in the moment. It requires faith and trust to allow this divine time to put a spell on you. The spell of faith and willingness to look at everything as magic and blessings. The spell that reminds you how magical and unique being you are.  There is a promise hidden in every ray of sunshine. The vow of Love and Light. It reminds you that with every step you take, there’s glitter and sparkling light trail, you leave behind.
Maybe this is how people who meant to cross paths are meeting each other. We first cross the trails left by those who we have to meet, and our Souls recognize the signs. Maybe we instinctively follow the trail, allow it to guide us… toward the one whose Soul is matching with ours.
And that is just one of the spells of each morning, each Sunrise…. helps us believe in the magic of Life, again and again.

With Love. Anna ( 17 October 2022 )


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