Be still

There’s no such thing as I do good and you do wrong. Or the other way around.
There is no such thing that one is evolving, the other one is lost in the woods.
We all do a very personal and unique journey, and there is no way to compare, to judge or even to understand another in its fullest.
We don’t even know ourselves. We know very little about who we are, what are the subconscious patterns that rule our actions and words, and we know almost nothing about the emotional strings and hooks and twisted triggers that makes us feel in a way or another.
I find it very arrogant to even think, not to mention to say or act as I would be walking a perfect path, that I am perfectly balanced and aligned and that my life is the only one worthy and all the rest is wrong and needs to be fixed!
And I mean everyone is growing and evolving in its own right, in its way. Everyone is healing and dealing with its own package. Packages, we know Nothing about!!!
Similarities between stories does not mean that people have the same feelings, words, memories, coping mechanism, mental strength, emotional intelligence, and that two people will have the same length of time needed in order to heal, to see clear, to understand, to process, and overcome.
Healing is not linear.
There is no such thing as perfect in human life. And yet the bravery of how everyone is coping with the everyday life and healing from wounds they collected along the way…well, I think that is the fucking perfect in the life of us all.
Being human.
Raw, naked, and vulnerable.  Real…far from perfect.
Greatness is not about being there and lift up the one in its weakest moments.
Greatness starts when you are able to step back and give space for the other to take its steps toward an independent and self-determined life. Cheer for the other in every step without wanting to interfere and control the outcome.
Greatness comes when after years of struggle, and stress and worry of raising your kid, you can open the door for your child, allow him/her to spread its wings and fly freely.
Love is not complicated.
Ego is.

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