Sometimes pictures will never tell an outsider the life one is living within, and how a person is trying their best to own their wholeness.
A picture, a moment captured, hides so much more than the surface the unaware could see.
Some see it as the cover of a book, thinking they know the story written on its pages, judging and classifying it by what this certain picture is triggering within them.
Some might think is the cover of a chapter, inventing stories built on assumptions, and misjudgment based on theories.
The location is the perfect spot, the woman looks to be wild and free…
What the picture will never tell you is how the mountains and rivers called her, embraced, and protected her. How Mother Earth taught her that owning your wholeness means owning and loving your brokenness just as much as loving your perfections. Taught her that owning your wholeness is standing there with unidentified pieces of your puzzle and yet confident and trusting in the divine timing of life. Thought her about the power of Love, and how a gentle heart can behold the whole world.
A picture of a woman in bikinis, and will never tell you anything about the Light of the Soul this body is hosting, about her Mind, brave enough to go deep in the darkness of her subconscious parts, to heal and break out from the limitations of what society though we are born to be.
I see this picture, and it reminds me of how beautiful brokenness can look.  And how healthy Self Love heals broken people just as gold glues cracked china.
2022 taught me lessons on how to own my Journey. About Oneness. About Faith. About Love.
To be continued…
2023 I smile at you, and I love you already.


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