Keepers of the Earth

I can not and I will not be chained again!!!
I can not and will not go backward!!!
And this is my shout-out to everyone ready to change the story.
We have two options.
Evolve or repeat.
I choose to evolve.
I can not, and will not compromise my soul’s integrity. Ever again.
Ready to make a change?
Im am quite sure I’m not alone here!
I’m not the only one!
I’m an empath.
The firekeeper.
One of the few of my kind.
I feel you in a way your conditioned mind doesn’t allow you to understand.
Im an artist and helper.
I am here for you.
I see you.
All of you.
Now I am asking everyone ready to be there for Her!
Keepers of the Earth.
The time is here.
Shout-out to all Wisdom keepers, Peacekeepers, Spirit keepers, and Waterkeepers.
To every keeper here I am telling you that You Are Not Alone. Step out from the illusion of separation…and connect.
Close your eyes.
Tap into your heart core and connect to the Family of Keepers of The Earth.
Raise your vibration and believe in who You Are and Be Connected to the Source of Light and Love.
Be connected.
We are Not Alone!
I am Anna
Connect with me, and Yourself!


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