Hug for Life

I woke up with the thought and feeling for a hug.
Then it crossed my mind that if I ask anyone to just genuinely hug me it would freak out, or search for the why, and try to fix me anyhow.
People think we are longing to be hugged only if we are at a low point, and they hug us with worry in their hearts.
Worry is not the vibration to uplift one another, is not where we celebrate life and is not a way to spread happiness.
Worry is rooted in fear, and fear has nothing to do with Love. Fear shows us where we are lacking Faith.
The uplifting, encouraging, faithful vibrations are coming from an infinite source, rooted in unconditional Love.
Beyond all limiting beliefs, the truth is sometimes we wish to be hugged, because we just crossed another bridge through torment, another ocean of emotions has been released, another mountain of doubts has been climbed and conquered, and another brick has been removed from the walls we imprisoned ourselves. 
Every tiny step we take, every new milestone, every puzzle no matter how big or small we finally place on the map of our journey needs to be celebrated.
Genuinely hugging is the celebration of Light and Love within us.

It’s You It’s up to you what you believe in. How you are healing yourself? What you are feeding? You are feeding the light or you are feeding the darkness? You are feeding Love or you are feeding Fear?


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