Do You feel the Hunger?

Eventually, everyone is arriving at peace with the universe we behold and the truth that was hidden for so long.
You can not force people to trust their intuition, open themselves, and allow their world to expand.
If we look around we feel a lot of hunger reflected in the actions of thousands. A hunger that is misunderstood, and interpreted in millions of ways.
It takes sincerity from the individual to admit that there is an inexplicable hunger, longing for something they can not even explain.

Have you ever looked, deeply looked in the eyes of newborn babies? Have you ever felt that attraction to look into their eyes? Somehow wishing to tap and drink from that purity, and reconnect to the wisdom of the entire universe reflected in their eyes? It felt so familiar. Right? So easy to connect and emerge into that world they behold.
But it may happen that You felt repulsive around a newborn, feeling uncomfortable. Often this shows that the rational mind took total control over you, and your fears and limiting beliefs have built fortresses around you.
It may take a little more effort to reconnect to that suppressed and forgotten part of you, that is called in many ways, but let’s just say it simply, your Soul.
The good news is that energy does not get lost, only transformed. Even if the Soul is neglected, forgotten, and often even denied, it is still there. And is waiting for space, waiting to connect to all who you are, and expand in the wholeness.
We cannot rush anyone.
We are all there, where we are ready to be in the here and now.
For most people taping into the truth of their heart and soul, it may be fearful and they face a mountain big of resistance, as their mind is not ready to accept the fact that their whole world, everything they trusted and wholeheartedly believed may be a lie.

Now, just imagine yourself as a newly born tiny little human. Beholding universal knowledge, wisdom, the ability of unconditional love and trust and faith knowing you are whole and perfect just the way you are.
Then imagine you growing up and adapting to the norms of your family, community, and society. The normal and accepted it is how well, how fast, how cold-headed and calculated you can use your mind. Every success and celebrated achievement is empowering in you that belief that your mind is your only and biggest asset, is all you are, all you have. You start to believe that your level of intelligence and ability to think, evaluate and judge is defining who you are.
Most people arrive into adulthood completely disconnect from half of their selves, a very essential part of who we are is neglected, forgotten, or misunderstood.
There is where the signs of hunger start to show up. People start chasing wealth, success, adventure, pleasure, and mostly anything that for a short time may bring some sort of feeling of fulfillment. At certain point, one comes to realize that no matter how much, how high, or how big successes are achieved, somehow is not enough. That strange hunger, that feeling of missing something is constantly there.
Tragic is to see, how all that knowledge, the highly ranked intelligence is not enough for people to open their eyes and slow down, silence everything around and make an effort to listen. To start to pay attention to that voice within asking to be heard. To realize that hunger can not be fed from outside, but rather by integrating that suppressed part called Soul into their existence. Finding a healthy body mind spirit balance is the key, in order for the hunger to disappear.
The lack of feeling whole is the source of hunger. And wholeness means I acknowledge and cherish every part of my being. Reintegrate all who I am in my existence and equiliber my mind and my soul for a better me, wiser me, happier me.

It’s You It’s up to you what you believe in. How you are healing yourself? What you are feeding? You are feeding the light or you are feeding the darkness? You are feeding Love or you are feeding Fear?


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