Dear friends, collaborators, followers, and everyone who is part of my journey in any way❤️
With a grateful heart, I salute all of you in this new year 🎊  and wish you healthy Love, brave Heart, and a wonderful Body Mind Soul Balance ✨

A wonderful start to this year is the release of an article written by Agnes Matilda, who I got the honor and pleasure to meet last year in October. She, a talented British artist and blogger, decided to write an article about my work and life journey.
I invite you, to read the article and open your heart to the healing power of art and creativity.
The journey continues, and I hope we can all grow better, through love, gratitude, and kindness. Art is and will always be there…as a bridge from heart to hearts ❤️
Thank you for all.
Anna Konya


Sometimes pictures will never tell an outsider the life one is living within, and how a person is trying their best to own their wholeness.
A picture, a moment captured, hides so much more than the surface the unaware could see.
Some see it as the cover of a book, thinking they know the story written on its pages, judging and classifying it by what this certain picture is triggering within them.
Some might think is the cover of a chapter, inventing stories built on assumptions, and misjudgment based on theories.
The location is the perfect spot, the woman looks to be wild and free…
What the picture will never tell you is how the mountains and rivers called her, embraced, and protected her. How Mother Earth taught her that owning your wholeness means owning and loving your brokenness just as much as loving your perfections. Taught her that owning your wholeness is standing there with unidentified pieces of your puzzle and yet confident and trusting in the divine timing of life. Thought her about the power of Love, and how a gentle heart can behold the whole world.
A picture of a woman in bikinis, and will never tell you anything about the Light of the Soul this body is hosting, about her Mind, brave enough to go deep in the darkness of her subconscious parts, to heal and break out from the limitations of what society though we are born to be.
I see this picture, and it reminds me of how beautiful brokenness can look.  And how healthy Self Love heals broken people just as gold glues cracked china.
2022 taught me lessons on how to own my Journey. About Oneness. About Faith. About Love.
To be continued…
2023 I smile at you, and I love you already.

Be still

There’s no such thing as I do good and you do wrong. Or the other way around.
There is no such thing that one is evolving, the other one is lost in the woods.
We all do a very personal and unique journey, and there is no way to compare, to judge or even to understand another in its fullest.
We don’t even know ourselves. We know very little about who we are, what are the subconscious patterns that rule our actions and words, and we know almost nothing about the emotional strings and hooks and twisted triggers that makes us feel in a way or another.
I find it very arrogant to even think, not to mention to say or act as I would be walking a perfect path, that I am perfectly balanced and aligned and that my life is the only one worthy and all the rest is wrong and needs to be fixed!
And I mean everyone is growing and evolving in its own right, in its way. Everyone is healing and dealing with its own package. Packages, we know Nothing about!!!
Similarities between stories does not mean that people have the same feelings, words, memories, coping mechanism, mental strength, emotional intelligence, and that two people will have the same length of time needed in order to heal, to see clear, to understand, to process, and overcome.
Healing is not linear.
There is no such thing as perfect in human life. And yet the bravery of how everyone is coping with the everyday life and healing from wounds they collected along the way…well, I think that is the fucking perfect in the life of us all.
Being human.
Raw, naked, and vulnerable.  Real…far from perfect.
Greatness is not about being there and lift up the one in its weakest moments.
Greatness starts when you are able to step back and give space for the other to take its steps toward an independent and self-determined life. Cheer for the other in every step without wanting to interfere and control the outcome.
Greatness comes when after years of struggle, and stress and worry of raising your kid, you can open the door for your child, allow him/her to spread its wings and fly freely.
Love is not complicated.
Ego is.

Trails of sparkle 💫

As a Light lover is not unusual to say I am fascinated by every stage and beauty of our light source, the Sun.  Since living in Albania, I had the chance to see some of the most spectacular sunsets of this lifetime, and I hope there are still more to come into my life, not just here, but in many other beautiful gems of our planet.
Sunset lovers 😇 …we find them all over the world. We are all attracted and amazed by sunsets. There is something melancholic and quietly beautiful in the way each day the Sun is saying goodbye to us. We all feel it as our private entrance to the secret realms of the Universe. Lovely memories and happy stories are often related to sunsets.
I get fascinated by all of them.
And yet, I must confess that what I really love and always loved are the Sunrises. While sunsets remind us that endings can and should be beautiful, the rising energy of the Light is showing us that within every ending there is a new beginning. The cycle of life is eternal and we always have a new day coming. Day for choosing Love, choosing different, daring to step into the unknown, and following the call of our Soul.
Fewer are awake during those magical moments of the day, to experience the stillness, the purity, and the grace of the rising Sun. Even fewer are those who can hear the Angelic sounds of a Sunrise, and allow themselves to be fully emerged in the moment. It requires faith and trust to allow this divine time to put a spell on you. The spell of faith and willingness to look at everything as magic and blessings. The spell that reminds you how magical and unique being you are.  There is a promise hidden in every ray of sunshine. The vow of Love and Light. It reminds you that with every step you take, there’s glitter and sparkling light trail, you leave behind.
Maybe this is how people who meant to cross paths are meeting each other. We first cross the trails left by those who we have to meet, and our Souls recognize the signs. Maybe we instinctively follow the trail, allow it to guide us… toward the one whose Soul is matching with ours.
And that is just one of the spells of each morning, each Sunrise…. helps us believe in the magic of Life, again and again.

With Love. Anna ( 17 October 2022 )

Echoed in colors- Exhibition

“Echoed in Colors” 🎨❤
🎹 Soft piano music, warmth, and people’s voices in the background. Hugs and smiles, kindness and peace.
🍸The Sweet and Sour sides of the artist presented in an amazing combination of flavors, a mocktail created with love by MusicBooks in the honor of the event.
🖼An evening where abstract Art has been presented with Gentleness and Love.
🌟This is how I remember the evening of the 6th of October. Grateful for the care and kindness I received from Marleana, Miguel and the whole staff of @musicbooks
Im grateful for all my lovely friends and everyone who is supporting my work,  encouraging me for ongoing, growing and reaching out to more and more people through my Art.
🎨The artworks are going to be seen at the restaurant for about two weeks. If you missed the opening event, you can pass by, see the artworks, and enjoy a drink or meal with friends ❤

Rise in Love

Sometimes I just sit silently and watch people. Listen to their conversations, watch their gestures and sense the changes in the tone of their voices. I like the unawareness of many, of how they are an open book in the eyes of those who are looking without the filter of judging.
I think one of the saddest things I experience in this lifetime, is to see how Love is misinterpreted, how Love is squeezed into a box and labeled as just a feeling.
While everyone genuinely is craving to experience Love, to tap into the power of Love,  the biggest battles within a person are
because of fear of Love.  Because most people live with the belief that Love is something they fall into. That being in love is a weakness. An emotion to avoid feeling.
Already the word  “falling” is implying that is something dangerous, and Instinctively people do not wish to fall. No one wishes to fall into anything, to fall into a hole, or even to fall out from the swing. In general, people have built a safety net not to falling in Love.

I think everything is changing within us if we change our perception of life and things. Our life view, perception of Love, and our ability to beat our fears are easier if we step out of the dogmatic beliefs and see things as they are, not as they were thought to us.

I do believe that in the past when I got hurt in any way, it was not because of love. It was because of a lack of Love.
If I look back to what has been said and done, I do understand perfectly why it hurt so much, why it felt into pieces, why disease happened, and why pain and suffering occurred. I recall pictures of different moments and aspects…and I see that there was a lot of desire, it was anger, pride, mind games, fear, stubbornness, and unhealthy compromises.  There was everything, but not Love.

Now I see and know.
It’s not really possible to fall in love. That’s fiction. A limiting belief.
Love is one of the highest frequencies we can access. Love must be risen to.
We don’t fall in love. We fall (descent ) into desire, into sense of pleasure that pulls us further from our divine attributes. Love is not desire. Love is the unifying frequency. Is the superpower, the bridge, the connector. Love walks hand in hand with respect, toward ourselves and everyone and everything in this world. Love requires bravery of kindness and acceptance. Love requires that we rise beyond the limitations of the carnal self to meet the limitless essence of our being. Love requires faith that we as humans, we are not here for suffering through separation and competition, but to rise through connection, and oneness.
Love is not blind. Is seeing with clarity. It witnesses everything.
Rise to love. Rise in love.
Love is waiting to meet us in every moment.
Love is a frequency to be chosen.
We, in every moment, have the freedom to choose our vibration.
Love is the highest frequency one can vibrate in and the highest state of consciousness. In the pure frequency of love, there is gratitude, creation, trust, gentleness, happiness, and oneness.
Love is all.

Change the “Too late moment”

Is it possible to have a playlist that is good for the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of a person?  Lately, I find it hard to listen to the same old tracks. Something changed within me, and I do not resonate anymore with the message of these songs.
In the last few years, I got to learn a lot about words and their power. How through the words we use, especially when intense feelings are attached to the equation, how unconsciously we are creating our reality. Our mood, our perception, our luck or unluck, our beliefs, and our decisions are rooted in our subconsciously run programs.
Words combined with melody, together are a strong combination to reach out to the depth of the listener’s emotions and thoughts. Songs are the ultimate carriers of messages. I love music. Lately, I have found myself searching for music and lyrics that don’t make my soul scream out loud, rejecting the not-so-hidden message of pain and suffering.
The question is what message one is willing to believe? What do we allow to touch the depth of our being? With what do we agree, and accept as our truth?
I am in favor of rehabilitating the meaning of “Love”. I am in search of songs where there is the promise of love winning the battles, where the joy of life is celebrated with the rhythm of the music. I enjoy songs of passion for life. The sensuality of tango as prelude to a passionate love making. Connection,  sunshine and freedom emerged in the superpower given by Love.
” Love”, the perception of love has been torsioned in such a horrible way that entire generations have been raised seeing love as a weakness, something making us vulnerable and powerless. Masses of people, singing all together in concerts, how Love hurts, how love is lost, and waiting for love to come back, as it would be a piece of paper, a property, a walking-talking tricky something, outside us.
In my perception, a lot of the so-called “love songs” have not much to do with Love. They are songs mirroring fear, pride, anger, jealousy, loss,  loneliness, and a bunch of other things that people have been living and identified as consequences of Loving.
Few are aware that all our bad experiences are not the effects of us Loving too much, but consequences of the lack of genuine Love and respect towards ourselves and the other.
Lack of bravery to talk sincerely. Lack of willingness to choose the less walked way. Lack of acknowledging our weaknesses. Lack of conversation. Lack of respect for ourselves and the other. Lack of courage. Lack of kindness towards ourselves and the other. Lack of compassion. Lack of trust. Lack of looking in each other’s eyes.  Lack of knowing what genuine Love is.
Thing is, the wounds are deep, and the walls built by the trauma of history are so high that most people have no idea what genuine Love is.
I choose to believe that Love is and will always going to be the superpower of Humankind.
All comes down to the choices we make. Are people going to choose to believe in the power of genuine Love, or continue to live a life ruled by their fears and limiting beliefs?
Stories of unspoken Love, the regret of not choosing Love….are hidden in that last teardrop of people passing away.
The too-late moment.

What if…

And what if all you want is a humble, simple life? When a cozy Home is more than enough. A home to call yours. Marked by your fingerprints and of all your loved ones.
What if you don’t want to hustle to be competitive but rather to create a balance in every aspect of your life?
What if you want a partner to talk to, hold the space for each other, and encourage when is needed? One with whom every day is a new journey, one with whom your heart beats in the same rhythm.
What if you want both to feel safe sharing your dark side, knowing that the other is your mirror, the beauty you see in those eyes is you reflected, that the fears triggered within you are his fears as well? What if you know how to talk, walk, hold hands, kiss, laugh, cry, make love, hold tight and let go of each other day by day, every day filtered through love and light, having the freedom and acceptance of each other’s weakness and demons.
What if two people decide to listen to their inner voice and choose Love?
What if is okay to acknowledge and share your fears with your loved ones?
What if you stop listening to the same old record of the past is gone, leave the past behind and other bullshit, and just listen to your gut feeling, and go deep into the mud of the family memory book, and search for the roots of all unexplainable miseries.
And what if the families would unite as one, willing to heal? Dropping pride, anger, shame, fear, and all limiting beliefs … And just for once to choose Love and Unity.
Is it said that the egg if is cracked from the outside, life ends. But if the same egg is cracked from inside life begins. All big changes are happening only from the inside, from within. And every change starts with one small step. One different decision will take you to a different destination.
Sometimes illness, accidents, and detours in our lives come across as the biggest blessings. Shaking us up, turning our lives upside down, brushing out people we thought we would fight and die for.
And what if we accept that we can have two lives within the same incarnation cycle, and see how the second one begins when you start to listen to that voice, feeling, or whisper… It may go against everything you knew as true, against everything this world wanted you to be, and to believe you are.
You know the truth is within you, as soon as you start feeding the light from inside, you will glow in every layer of your being.
What if we stop fighting, bullying, and labeling Love as weakness…
What if we are brave enough to stand up for Love as being the super healing power of us all?
What if our rescue is not a person sent for our salvation by God, but we acknowledge that we are the creators of our reality, we have the power of God working within every one of us?
What if we stop fighting and denying,….that we knew; we knew, We had God within us all along!
What if we drop the guns of Ego that lead us to self-destruction?
What if now we will choose Love?

Wine of Life

People Like wine tasting.
Most of them think they know wine by tasting it.
I think is an illusion. One can feel the savor and flavor of a specific wine in that special moment. And that sensation will never be the same. Because as time passes the chemistry of the wine is changing. The weather is changing and the person who was tasting the wine in April is not the same in the summer heat. Just like lovemaking. You can touch the same skin, kiss the same lips thousands of times, and hear the sweet sound of the other, and is never the same. Something is always changing.
All we can do is taste that wine, taste life, taste joy, make love, and be aware of the uniqueness of that moment. Nothing ever is going to be the same as in the present moment. That makes it so priceless.
Wine tasting doesn’t give us the knowledge of that wine, just like one night, or thousands of nights in the arms of a lover, will not give us a secret key to the book of the other, or ourselves. That sacred liquid will continue to be a mystery for those who are focusing on preserving the moment for the future. Hoping that one day they can open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the same flavor, same feeling, same sensation.
I think that’s an illusion. A limitation. Lack of faith.
One must be feeling and knowing that the here and now is perfect. And will never be the same.
And have faith that the present moment, the taste is the best possible, and each coming experience, each drop of wine is majestic and irreplaceable. Preserving the moment, holding it for the future, is robbery. One must give a chance to each and every coming moment, to become the best ever. Because the best ever can be a sip of wine, a bite from the juiciest pear, or a kiss given at the airport, while saying goodbye. One must be in love with life. Every minute of it. Enjoy the wine, the lovemaking, every moment knowing that it is a blessing and privilege and never to return. Allow the wine to change. Allow Life to unfold itself.

Appetite for Life

It’s easy to say, move on, let it go. Do this or do that. And the more you hear it, bigger is the resistance within. We do try our best because a part of us is willing to move on.
The truth is, we let go and move on when we are ready to do it. Some things can’t be forced, rushed, or demanded.
The more you fight to get out of the whirl, the deeper you are grabbed into it. And you fight and fight until you arrive at exhaustion.
The point when holding on is hurting too much is the moment you feel you reached the bottom line. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Every layer of your being is tired of fighting the same demons over and over again.
No big drum play, no fireworks, not one soul around to notice how you slowly let go of all control. Smoothly something changes. You start to prioritize your mental health, balm the cracks in your heart, and nurture your body, heal each layer of your being. Rest. Recharge. Silent. Recover. Growing. Grounding. Setting boundaries. Getting firm with your voice. Prioritize your inner voice.
Regaining your appetite, and curiosity to explore and experience something new.
Days are passing, and everything seems to be slowed down, finding your power again, able to stand for yourself.
And without noticing it happens.
The change.
You try to recall the face, the smile, the sound, the voice, the scent.
And for the first time, is nothing there.  No vivid memory is bullying your efforts to let go.
Effortlessly it walked away from you.
Faded. Gone.
Feeling blue?…just a bit.
It remains the memory.
And gratitude for experiencing, learning, and growing.
Love is universal.
He’s gone.
I am free.
To live.
I’m back.
So is my appetite for Life.